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Bataille's reputation rests largely on his theories of eroticism and mysticism, which he set forth in his philosophical essays and made the basis of his fiction. Although overtly erotic, his works are not usually considered pornographic, for Bataille considers sexual experience a means to freedom of the spirit, or "sovereignty.
Georges Bataille, Inner Experience –. The writings of Georges Bataille have recently become the object of a certain resurgence, or rather, a recuperation, within the academy. As Bataille's death in 1962 recedes into the past, the number of critical essays and articles about him continues to grow at an incredible rate. Most of
Georges Bataille. The Cruel Practice of Art. (1949). “L'Art, exercise de la cruauté,” originally published in Médicine de France (June 1949), reprinted in Georges Bataille, Oeuvres Complètes, vol. XI, Paris: Gallimard, 1988. This translation originally appeared in the CD-ROM BLAM! 1 (1993) and was revised for this electronic
SUNY series,. Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory. Rodolphe Gasche, editor. On Bataille. Critical Essays. Edited and translated, with an introduction by. Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons
The essay, drawing from the sociology of Weber and Durkheim, provides a striking combination of religion and economy that overturns the assumptions of both.13 Bataille's interest in the intimate connection be tween the sacred and profane, between waste and luxury, between filth, beauty and eroticism, the attraction of
1967 by Les Editions de Minuit. Printed in the United States of America. Distributed by The MIT Press,. Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England. Library ofCongress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Bataille, Georges, 1897-1962. The accursed share. Translation of: La part maudite. Bibliography: p. I. Economics.
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We were excited by the prospect of reading Volume I (hereafter referred to as The Accursed Share) because it clearly marked a return to the subject matter -- unproductive ("wasteful") expenditures, human sacrifices, potlatch, and the critique of classical utility -- Bataille first explored in one of our favorite essays, "The Notion
The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy (French: La Part maudite) is a book about political economy by the French intellectual Georges Bataille. Written between 1946 and 1949 and collected in volume seven of Bataille's complete works, it comprises three volumes: "Consumption", "The History of Eroticism",
The note was ostensibly there to mark a space of distance between Bataille's 'notion' and Souvarine's own social thought, but it also announced Bataille's essay as being part of a forthcoming and much larger book, suggesting that perhaps Bataille's position would become acceptable were it elaborated more thoroughly.10

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